Hole In The Sky

Canyons’ musical ensemble is hard to define. A theory of opposites attracting, a burgeoning front of beautiful contradictions. Their inspiration exists somewhere between sand dunes and icebergs, volcanoes and valleys, fiction and fact. Musically, Canyons never claim genres and more importantly, they don’t adhere to stereotypes. Striking the elusive balance between creativity, originality and pop sensibility, with an aural likeness to elements of psych, folk, house and everything deep, what is essential to Canyons is that their music evokes a sense of feeling and truth.

Canyons’ story is one of intrigue and mystery, one that can be traced back to the Nether Valley in the outer regions of the Western Australian landscape. Ryan Grieve and Leo Thomson began making music separately, under various guises, before coming together as Canyons. Hole in the Sky, the record label the two founded together, was their initial musical point of contact and the coming together of their creative minds. The label’s first release garnered two pieces of music individually crafted by Leo and Ryan, but it wasn’t until the label’s second release; ‘the Lovemore EP’, that their combined sound manifested, and the name Canyons was born. Interestingly release number three was the debut EP from a little known Perth band named Tame Impala.

The two went on to remix the likes of Ladyhawke, the Juan Maclean, !!! and of course, Tame Impala, causing a stir at home which was loudly echoed across the pond in the US and Europe. So much so that the band went on to release “Blue Snakes” on esteemed Parisian Label ‘I’m a Cliché’, closely followed by their deep, jamming epic, “Fire Eyes” on the coveted DFA Records. Not a band to rest on their laurels, Canyons then signed with Australian label Modular and began recording their debut album in the zoo-like, sound ranch they call home in inner-city Sydney.

Taking a musical approach guided by intuition and feel, Canyons have forged their own identity amongst a sea of comers, goers and imitators. They traverse the obvious comparisons to whatever is on the radio right now, focusing on creating original music that could be from the past, present or future.

Dusk Till Dawn - Ladyhawke (Canyons Edit)