Hole In The Sky

Bell Towers
Bell Towers
We’re very proud, pleased and excited to be the first label to introduce the powers of Bell Towers to the world. After a long hiatus, (Canyons had an album to finish) Hole in the Sky is back in full force.
Bell Towers is the production guise of Rohan Bell-Towers aka Roman Wafers, the visionary behind Melbourne’s renowned club utopia Bamboo Musik. Here the fringe dweller resurrects the raw energy of pioneering Chi house minimalists and the absurd wit of YMO, on two tracks of hard-edged dancefloor menace. With jacking drum machines and worming synths, Scavengers takes you on a ride to the post-apocalyptic underground where bin rummagers fight for survival, while the acidic flip Private Time Dub documents what Bell Towers does best with a moment’s solitude.
12″ out 5 December 2011, available from the usual outlets.
Bonus brand new mix Bell Towers put together to help spread the word.
Bell Towers Mix