Hole In The Sky

The POND story echoes few of those before with Jay Watson, Paisley Adams and Joseph Orion starting the band under a Mulberry tree in Mulberia, Daglish; a quiet suburb in Perth, to perform at a party they had agreed to attend that evening. So they invented a band and an album that later became ‘Psychedelic Mango’.__POND write everything and anything that sticks in their goldfish like memories long enough to pen down. The rest is just up to chance. This means their live show is a swirling carousel of assorted sounds, lights, bubbles, friends, freaks and songs that transform every time they pass you by.__So far that carousel has allowed Pond to record four studio albums: Psychedelic Mango, Corridors of Blissterday, Shit! A Cosmic Jam! (under the name Space Lime Peacock), and now… FROND.