Hole In The Sky

Pond:Frond 02:09:10

The POND story echoes few of those before with Jay Watson, Paisley Adams and Joseph Orion starting the band under a Mulberry tree in Mulberia, Daglish; a quiet suburb in Perth, to perform at a party they had agreed to attend that evening. So they invented a band and an album that later became ‘Psychedelic Mango’.

POND write everything and anything that sticks in their goldfish like memories long enough to pen down. The rest is just up to chance. This means their live show is a swirling carousel of assorted sounds, lights, bubbles, friends, freaks and songs that transform every time they pass you by.

So far that carousel has allowed Pond to record four studio albums: Psychedelic Mango, Corridors of Blissterday, Shit! A Cosmic Jam! (under the name Space Lime Peacock), and now… FROND.

FROND is released around the planet on the 6th of September and will be available digitally, as a beautifully packaged CD and on vinyl.

Australia: JB Hi-Fi
UK/Europe: Juno
Digital : iTunes

Australia: fusemusic.com.au
UK/Europe: kudosrecords.co.uk
USA: groovedis.com